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Hi I'm Becca I love living in the gorgeous city that is San Diego. I like what I like and nothing is going to change that. That includes music, tv, movies, sports, celebs and anything else I feel like throwing out there. Also it's not all sunshines and rainbows.

Gabriel García Márquez Dies



A Latin-American legend is taken from us today!

We’ll miss you, Gabo!

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Slade Wilson / Deathstroke in 2x19


Don't forget who taught you how to fight, Kid.

Felicity Smoak in “The Man Under the Hood”


Felicity Smoak in s02e19 ‘The Man Under The Hood’.

"I know. But the grid at Collins and Main just spiked, drawing a hell of a lot of power. Which means someone either plugged in the world’s largest hair dryer, or the biotransfuser just went online".

Where’s Slade?