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Hi I'm Becca I love living in the gorgeous city that is San Diego. I like what I like and nothing is going to change that. That includes music, tv, movies, sports, celebs and anything else I feel like throwing out there. Also it's not all sunshines and rainbows.

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Felicity Smoak in Arrow season 2

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'We saw Felicity going out on a date with Oliver, which made everyone's hearts flutter. I can assume everything goes perfect on the date too, right?' (x)

Emily Bett Rickards + Stephen Amell creating new words at SDCC 2014.

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Emily Bett Rickards - EW Hideout (x)

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Stephen Amell at San Diego Comic-Con 2014


Nerd HQ - SDCC 14


Stephen Amell -Comic-Con Panel at Nerd HQ, 2014 (x)

In which Mavi Amell is the voice of the fandom (x)